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Hi there,

"Nobody' Secret", my latest release, is free now for listening and non-commercial use.
Sergey Eybog - Nobody's Secret

Other news:

1) since June 2013 I've been working on audio material for my new album, I plan to finish it by the next year spring. It's dedicated to my idm/ambient experiments.

2) The "Everlasting Summer" visual novel is going to be released this winter. It has a lot of my music tracks, including non-released stuff. The whole soundtrack will be available at BandCamp.

That's all.

"Nobody's Secret" is free.


I put some of my electronic music experiments together to create a new EP album, "Pure".
It's dedicated to the nights when you just can't get asleep. Inspired by Ochre and Omni Trio.

Share if you enjoyed the music.

Listen at: BandCamp.

Melodic electronic music. Care to check?

Moving to BandCamp

2012-12-23 06:09:57 by vibe-newgrounds

Hello folks,

I started my Bandcamp page and I plan to release most of my music there now.

I'm going to upload most of my old tracker music (which was composed under nickname Vibe/CRC).
At the end of the December I'll release my first EP album titled "Pure". Some melodic electronic stuff with bits
of d'n'b breaks.

Stay tuned.

IIchantra [chiptune/8bit]

2012-05-03 00:09:44 by vibe-newgrounds

Hi there. I released an chiptune album with music influenced by classic Konami games. It consists of 8bit tracks i've uploaded here and includes some additional. You also get the source files (in case you're into tracker music).

Pre-listen and buy for any price:

IIchantra [chiptune/8bit]

commercial use of my music

2010-06-05 08:04:38 by vibe-newgrounds

If someone wants to use my tracks in a commercial production, you can buy a royalty-free commercial license here:

As always, you can use my music tracks for free if your prod is non-commercial. Just grab them from my Newgrounds page and don't forget to say "thanks". :)

Some words for Newgrounds

2009-03-10 07:12:55 by vibe-newgrounds

Hello there.
I've just contributed to Audio Portal another track from a game i'm currenly working on.
I don't intend posting more music from there (since i want to keep it exclusive), but hope to make some new tunes for Newgrounds people. Not only orchestral stuff - i like various styles of electronic music as well, including even 8bit and lo-fi, though not being very experienced with it. :)

If you're going to use my tracks in your production, please don't forget to credit me, using my realname.

Best regards, Sergey Eybog.